October 23, 2015
Gulnara Niaz
I haven’t done this in a while. I haven’t sat in the dark. When I was a child, my mother and I would we spend hours in our house with candles lit.  It was so beautiful and peaceful. It gave us a chance to stay with our thoughts. To embrace the silence and darkness, while also loving the light and heat that came from candles.  I will also add that most of the time we didn’t have a choice.  Growing up with unpredictable electricity, or water, or gas, you got accustomed to being grateful for what you had.  To many people this sounds difficult and so far removed from life today.  To me it was just life.
This week the electricity in my neighborhood went out. There was no reason for this.  And no time frame for when the electricity would return.  I took out all the candles in my apartment and lit them.  For a moment I was a child again.  I was that little girl, spending hours praying on the mountain tops, the candle lit homes, the quiet and holy places.  It reminded me of my roots and my Shaman family members. I would meditate, think, relax, turn off. 

I haven’t done this in a while.  And yet it was like no time at all.  I allowed myself the joy of listening classic music, with my candles and my thoughts.  No electricity.  And it was the best night ever.

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