Every one has a personal brand.

September 1, 2015
Gulnara Niaz
Every one has a personal brand.  Where is yours?
My passion is to work with people who desire showing who they are. Whether in business, personal life, or for fun, who you are as a person needs to be seen.
Typically when people market themselves and their career they think of head shots.  Personal branding is far more versatile and impactful.  The personal branding concept suggests that success, YOUR success, comes from showcasing who you are, keeping your personality and natural beauty intact.  
Consider this as an enhanced digital footprint of you, your work, in a time and space.
You can be far more strategic when developing a personal brand. Ask yourself: How would you like to be photograph? What do you want people to see in you?  What best represents your life as you want it seen?  How do you want to make people feel about you?
Personal branding permits you to achieve all for your professional and personal life.
Reveal your character, good qualities, subject matter, expertise, and passions that support the brand that is YOU.  A strong personal brand can yield tremendous results.  And I can get you there.
For examples of personal branding, please see my portfolio here http://gulnaraniaz.com/personal-branding-boston/

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