Corporate headshots

Think about what you are going to wear – what does your company require you to wear for a business headshot? Are you looking for something very formal and business-like or a more relaxed shot? To get the most use out of your headshot, consider getting a formal and a casual shot – you are welcome to bring a change of clothes to the shoot.

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it is clean, well-pressed, and not old or scruffy looking. If you buy a new shirt for the occasion, get the fold marks pressed out. You are investing in a great headshot, make sure your clothes look as good as they can.

A headshot just captures your head and shoulders, so your neckline becomes very important. A round neck can make your neck look shorter and a V neck can lengthen it. If you plan to wear a shirt and tie, make sure it fits well, a tight collar will look awkward.

Think about the colors you are wearing. Go for a solid color for a strong look, but make sure you choose a color that suits you – ask for advice from friends and family ahead of time if you are not sure. Avoid very busy patterns, as they will take the emphasis away from your face. Make sure you choose something that you feel comfortable and confident wearing as that will translate into the image. A white shirt can be hard to photograph, especially if it’s paired with a black jacket – try and select tones that are a bit closer in range.

Men should get a haircut a week before the shoot if possible, to avoid that ‘just trimmed’ look. If you are coming in the afternoon and tend to have a heavy shadow, feel free to bring shaving supplies, as you are welcome to use our bathroom.

Creative headshots

Your headshot is your whole image and will be the way people remember you if you are an actor, musician, or model. It is your opportunity to express your unique look and personality.

Choose clothes that you are comfortable wearing, but make sure they are clean, not wrinkly, and not old or raggy. You make think you look great in that old black t-shirt, but a photograph will show every flaw, bobble, and speck of dust. Although we can retouch it, you don’t want to deal with it in every image!

As with any photograph, think of the color and neckline you are choosing. Look at headshots you like and think about what they are wearing. Ask friends and family what looks good on you. Maybe bring what you would wear to an audition or a performance. Remember it is about your face, your image, and your personality. Avoid logos and text on your shirt. If you are getting a full-length or three-quarter shot, consider your whole outfit, including shoes.


 Please, get your hair cut at least one week before the photoshoot. If you want to have your hands in the shot, get your nails done ahead of time too.

You can bring 2 – 3 changes so we have some options for your shoot. If one outfit isn’t working, we can try something else.

Most important to bring well-fit clothes. I am trying to create an hourglass. Bring color which makes your skin glow. 


Wearing outfits in the same color family. Choose one solid hue that complements your eye color. Dark-colored clothing works well because it has a slimming effect in photographs. But I love very light colors as they look so beautiful. Wear classic styles to prevent the photograph from looking outdated later. A simple sheath dress for women or a blue or gray suit for men is recommended fashion choice. 

Wear V-necks. Bulky turtlenecks, thick scarves, and sweaters can add additional pounds to your appearance. V-necks and open collars elongate the neck and body and flatter your face. Likewise, choose sleek, close-fitting clothes over baggy. Dress your family members in complementary colors.


  • spray tan at least 24 hours before the shoot 
  • hair clean and blow-dried as desired; we will provide light styling of hair
  • no makeup
  • have clean and moisturized skin
  • use a light moisturizer, no heavy creams 
  • Pedi /manicure done
  • hair cut one week prior 


  • Bring 2 outfits to choose from for each look. Ex: If you want to shoot 2 different looks,                 bring 4 outfits 
  • jeans
  • couple of tank-top (simple and fancy)
  • a few dresses
  • solid colors (void pattern cloth)


  • scarfs
  • sash 
  • favorite jewelry


Most important to bring well-fitting clothes. I am trying to create an hourglass image. Bring colors that make your skin glow. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it is clean, well-pressed, and not old or scruffy-looking. If you buy a new shirt for the occasion, get the fold marks pressed out. 

P.S: Do not forget that you will have amazing make-up & hair done. Make arrangements to go out with your tribe!!!