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We are family

Sep 10 2015

Photographing family, it’s an amazing a gift and a joy for both: for a family and for a photographer.

Art Challeng #Day 4: CreativePhotoshoot/ Antique Jewelry/ The Pear Tree of Brookline

Feb 09 2015

Day 4. ART CHALLENGE ‪#‎artchallenge‬ Sculpted with dry natural elements and some illustrative elements in photoshop on a talented model. The left…

Art Challenge #Day 3: CreativePhotoshoot/ Fresh Flowers

Feb 08 2015

Day 3. ART CHALLENGE ‪#‎artchallenge‬ Sculpted with fresh flowers on the talented model Olea Nikitina.

Light/ Experimenting/ Editorial/ Eat Better Together.

Nov 08 2013

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” – Aaron Rose