January 10, 2015

Yesterday I got a wonderful message:

“When I got into my office this morning my voice mail was lit up with several elated messages from my 94 year old father who got the package last evening!!!! UPS packed the picture rigorously to prevent breakage and by the time he finally got to it he practically fainted it was so enthralling. He thinks it should be in the National Gallery!! He said it just added 10 years to his life!!

Thank you again for your creation!!”

Client: Lesley, Brookline MA
January 18, 2015

I got a wonderful text message:

Many many thanks!!!! They guy who is pprinting my pic-said that I was beautiful!!! Thanks!!!!

Client: Katerina, Boston MA
January 25, 2014

G is awesome. She photographed me for a portrait. I’m not a model and as such am very awkward with posing. G directed me and made sure the pictures were great. She knew what colors worked with my skin tone, what poses would bring out the best in me and what clothes and props would photograph well. She is extremely patient and creative and a very warm person. She even gave me rides back to my apartment a few times when I was stuck waiting for the T. And the pictures make me look the best I’ve ever looked. G’s just an amazing photographer and a wonderful friend.

Client: Chhaya S., Cambridge, MA
October 4, 2013

G Photographed me a month ago and it has been a wonderful experience ! Her professionalism and patient made me feel very comfortable .I appreciate every detail she was able to capture and for guiding me in every step and I admire her creativeness and unique work. I highly recommend Gulnara Photography!

Client: Ginga V., Allston, MA
September 22, 2013

I have known G for over 3 years now and working with her professional for the past year. I have had many experiences with photographers before and this was my first “glamour” shots experience. I’m not a model and don’t really know what to do in front of the camera. G made me feel completely 100% comfortable, and I was surprised at how well she both put me at ease, while also providing instructions of how to look and position myself. She is a perfectionist with her work. She wanted to make sure that we captured the look that I was hoping for, as well as ideas of looks that she thought would work. She stands out from other photographers for a few reasons. Unlike other photographers where you can’t see the images at that time, she permitted me to review the images to see how they were coming out, to ensure that I was happy and that my time was well spent. You really feel like she’s working with you to create something incredible, rather than her just working for you to take a picture. She is far more creative that most photographers because of her vision of what looks good. She can look at her clients as they are, and help isolate certain looks and clothing and shots that are perhaps beyond what the person had in mind. She has vision and she knows what she is doing. Additionally, she acts as an active participant in the photo shoot; always adjusting and fixing you to ensure you look just right.

The experience and working with G exceeded my expectations on all levels. I was absolutely floored at the final result of the photographs she took of me. Stunning images. (I’m not saying that I am stunning, but she really made me look great!!) Her professional post production work is a rarity and she is brilliant at this. She enhances gorgeous photos to make them and the person in them pop.

I quickly referred many people to her for her glamour portrait shots. Everyone needs to feel good about how they look and should be armed with professional photos ready in hand for work, , or any other media needs. I invested in high resolution images that were multipurpose (work, bios, etc), and also for personal (, https://.com/GulnaraNiaz) uses. It was very hard to decide on just one, so I didn’t. I went back to G recently for a professional shots with a business partner. My colleague had the same wonderful experience.

In short, G’s photography makes you look and feel beautiful. She is truly gifted in this department. She is also so kind and exceptionally easy going and so nice to work with. (Don’t be fooled by her accent on the phone, and no worries, you may find her easier to understand in person 🙂 If anyone is looking for glamour portraits, family or professional photography, look no further. Trust me, she’s not done until you are 100% happy. And you will be.

Client: Emma S., Brookline, MA
September 5, 2013

G photographed me for a creative head shot, and shot family portraits of us and our three young kids. She was extremely creative, patient, accommodating, fun and, most importantly, persistent – in the face of our changing moods, desires, and the weather, she was upbeat and professional. The photographs are wonderful. I highly recommend G, she does top-notch, beautiful work!

Client: Bettina Neuefeind, Brookline MA
June 16, 2013

G photographed me and my two boys for a family holiday card. My 7 year old boy cannot sit still for a second but G was extremely patient and creative and we ended up with a beautiful portrait that we will forever treasure.
G is extremely creative and produces unique work and makes you look amazing. I had so many compliments on the photo. Not only did G produce something beautiful, she produced a work of art that is timeless, something that we will look at for many years and see something fresh each time.
G has a special talent and I would highly recommend her, she will not disappoint.

Client: Alison K., Brookline MA
March 14, 2013

I love the photos!  She was patient, warm and fun!  The best photos I have!  I highly recommend Gulnara Photography!

Client: Sangeeth G., Brookline MA
March 12, 2013

I had a photo shoot a couple weeks ago and she is a MASTER, I have been a model for years and she is the BEST I have photographer I have ever had. Thanks “G”

Client: Cameran K., Dedham MA
March 8, 2013

Very good photography, I got interesting photos.The master advised and corrected me in right way. Was very worm and comfortable atmosphere. I really recommend it.

Client: Ekaterina S., Brookline MA