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High-end stylizing and personal branding.

Hi Gulnara,
You asked for an update on how well the photo was “working” with my online profile. The profile got about 20 views over the past week since I posted the photo, as opposed to maybe 25 views in the entire month or two before that. I don’t think I changed the text of what I wrote at all in the past week, so the difference is all the photo! I’d say this is proof positive that you did a great job! Thanks again for all of your hard work.

About Gulnara

Gulnara is a photographer & designer  interactive studio
working for people with people worldwide

Capturing and arching art though our intuition and expertise. The act of visual art all the things you have loved.

My art is collaborative like the improvisation of music.  Its creation occurs through a process of my client and me discovering each other. My client becomes both the target audience and the artist. Clients’ stylized photo shoots are customized to give them memorable experiences and special images that reflect their beauty, personalities, contours and so much more.

Dear Gulnara: “G” as I call her, brings an abundance of creativity and passion to everything she does. As her instructor, over time I found myself learning more from G than she was gaining from our classes, especially in Photoshop, where she has absolutely mad skills! She is a “quick” study and I would definitely recommend her. ~Don

Dear Gulnara: Gulnara Niaz is a terrific photographer. She does beautiful studio, product, headshots, and portrait work. In the Boston-area, Gulnara has also done some event photography for TEDx Beacon Street and Catalyst Conversations, among others. Gulnara has a wonderful eye for capturing moments and documenting events and her bright personality brings out the best in her subjects.~Alberta

I would like to express my appreciation to my teacher Don Jones for his meticulous instruction and his unfailing patience. I will be forever grateful. If you would you like to see Don Jones’s work, please visit his web-site: www.DonJonesPhotography.com

All right reserved by Gulnara Niaz Gross Photographer ArtDesigner. For personal use only - this image, or derivative works, can not be used, published, distributed or sold without written permission of the owner.

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